Pine Tree Silhouette
Pine tree silhouette
Pine tree silhouette
Pine tree silhouette
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Tree Works

Est. 2013

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Clean, Safe, Responsible

With 11 years of Forestry, Logging and Arboriculture experience, Harper Tree Works is your source for all things trees. Need help removing a tree? We’ve got you covered. Have an unruly tree that needs a trim? No problem, we’d love to help. Need logging assistance? It’s what we do.

Tried. Trusted. True. Licensed and Insured.

TREE PRUNING: Regular pruning is critical to maintain the health of any tree, whether it’s an ornamental maple or a fruit-bearing peach. Our experts will meticulously prune and shape any tree to maximize health and productivity.

TREE REMOVAL: Safety is our number one concern when removing a tree and we will take whatever precautions are necessary to avoid power lines, sheds, neighboring houses, and any other damageable.

LOGGING SERVICES: With ten years of logging experience from the woods of Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland, we are the ones to contact if you need any logging assistance.

FORESTRY ASSISTANCE: With years of experience in log procurement, log sales, forest assesment and land management, we can help you make responsible decisions on what’s best for your timber tracts and stream ways.




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